How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs

When you think about CBD, the main question arises in your head is that isn’t CBD and Marijuana is similar. But the answer to this question is no. At first, you have to understand that CBD and Marijuana, both are different things. Although they come from the same plant they are extracted from different parts.

Marijuana: it is the buds, resin, and leaves of the cannabis plant. It is a high source of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical has a psychoactive effect in humans and animals. This is the chemical that makes you high.

CBD: It comes from the rest of the part of the cannabis plant. This part contains less amount of tetrahydrocannabinol but contains Cannabidiol. This is the substance that affects the receptor of the endocannabinoid system.


So, now we know what is CBD and the difference between CBD and Marijuana. Now we can discuss CBDfordogs and the products manufactured by the company for dogs. The cannabis oil is sometimes the solution to some problems in dogs. Hence, it mainly produces CBD oil, which can be used in many different ways for your Dogs:

  • CBD tincture
  • Capsules
  • Topicals
  • Dog Treats
  • Cannabis oil

You can add the oil using any of these methods to the diet plan of your dog. It will be easy for your dog to take the supplement through food instead of taking them directly. Among the above methods, the suited one is to add the oil in dog treats. The tincture and oil are also great, but sometimes dogs get suspicious of the smell and avoid them. In the dog treat, they won’t be able to detect the presence of any CBD supplement and will eat it properly.

The CBDfordogs knows that there are many health benefits of the CBD products and hence they produce their own Cannabis plants on their farm. They have opened up a wide array of usage of the Hemp plants by including it in the dog care products. It is recommended by all the people who believe in the magic of natural remedies. If you are seeking a natural treatment for care and stress relief of your furry friends, then trust CBDforDogs and use the CBD products to give them the care and relief they so hardly deserve. It won’t have any negative effect on your dog as the product doesn’t contain any THC.