Emotional Support animal- The best companion to humans

In January this year, photo featuring a lady with her pet turkey on Delta airlines flight attracted a lot of attention on various social networking sites. The concerned lady claimed that it was her emotional support animal. Half of the people around the world did not realize the meaning of emotional support animal. This was not the first animal allowed to travel on plane with the passenger. The image became so popular that Delta’s spokesperson interacted with journalists and shared more details about this policy. Delta’s Ashton Morrow interacted with reporters and said the airline does not allow ALL pets to travel and such decisions are taken by airline’s staff on the basis of passenger’s documentation and their own judgment.  The airline reviews each case carefully and tries to fulfill passengers’ needs. These days, more and more airlines and public transport authorities in the US are allowing pet animals to travel with passengers. But, cats and dogs are most preferred ones.

Can emotional support pet really prove to be helpful?

Research work has already proved that animals can help in minimizing isolation, nervousness, reducing stress, improving mental well-being, and reducing blood pressure/cholesterol as well. Overall, they are linked with positivity. Being with animals can help you get rid of loneliness, phobias, unhappiness, social anxiety, and trauma caused due to problems in past life.  Dog can easily offer comfort and stability to your mind.  This is the reason some doctors, psychologists urge their patients to keep a dog in the form of their companion with them, wherever they go.

Opt for a pet dog that you can carry with you all the time

If you plan to opt for emotional support pet dog, you should consider certain aspects like its breed, size, and its behavioral pattern. Go for the one that has calming temperament and behaves gently while in public. Usually, such dogs are not trained for anything, but some centers do teach such dogs to call 911 in emergency situations. Thanks to Federal Law in the US, people with psychiatric and other disabilities are permitted to keep their emotional support pet with them at their residence even if their housing society does not permit pets. Such animals are calm in nature and do not create problems for their owners or neighbors.

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